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Strategies to rebuild Aleppo

Mamoun Fansa, Carola Simon, Lena Wimmer (Hrsg.)

Rebuilding of a destroyed city

Since the Syrian war began in 2011, Aleppo’s human and cultural heritage has been in great danger. In order to adress this, the Association of the Friends of the Old City of Aleppo, Mamoun Fansa, Carola Simon and Lena Wimmer founded the working group “Rebuilding ALEPPO*” to develop new strategies to rebuild the city.

Because the city archive was destroyed during the war, the association’s digital archive is of increasing value. The main goals of this working group are to develop the reconstruction of the Old City of Aleppo in dialogue with the new city, and to promote awareness regarding cultural heritage and identity to support the emergence of a new city, a city that unifies new and old: the future Aleppo. Today, we witness a collective opportunity to develop solutions for a city older than 5000 years. It is our responsibility to develop solutions that will penetrate the facade and last longer than a mere generation.